All Consignment is on appointment basis with our Managers. Call us at 805-646-2852 to make an appointment before coming in to consign. You can also submit consignment inquiries via the website, or send photos directly of your consignment items to

We only consign antique and vintage items. Some exceptions apply for unusual and higher end pieces. Treasures Staff carefully decides what is taken on consignment and put out on the floor. For a current list of what we are looking for look here (10 things)

All consignment is a 50%/50% Split.

Items for consignment are assessed by our consignment managers. When an agreement has been reached between Treasures and consignor, consignment is evaluated. After an agreement on pricing is reached, items are placed on the floor for sale.
All items must be clean, and in good shape.

Consignment is on a 60-120-180 day policy

  • 60 Days Discount 20%
  • 120 Days Discount 50%
  • 180 Days Return or Donate

Consignment checks go out the 15th of each month. If an item sold in the month of June the check would go out July 15th. We may choose to return an item for any reason at anytime.