Identifying Stones in High Quality Native American Jewelry

Identifying Stones in High Quality Native American Jewelry

Nowadays, Native American jewelry are being appreciated for their intricate art and precious gems used in making them. Native American jewelry employ the use of many natural stones like sterling silver, coral and most especially turquoise. Explained below are examples of gems and precious stones used to produce high quality Native American jewelry.


1. Turquoise

Turquoise is the most used gemstone in making Native American jewelry. The gem spots a beautiful sky blue, cobalt blue, and even green colors, which give the jewelry pieces a special glint in the light. Huge deposits of turquoise can be found in Arizona, California, New Mexico, etc. Natural turquoise sometimes exhibits a single solid color but most times, it is embellished with a beautiful mix of colors from brown, gold, white and others.

2. Coral 

Coral, sometimes called the Red Coral, is the perfect complement to turquoise. Large deposits of red coral can be found in the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Other colors of coral exist, like white and pink, but they are dyed red to give the gems a more natural look. Corals appear in all types of quality Native American jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and beads.

3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli offers a deep blue color (sometimes with gold flecks). It stands as one of the few gems used in making Native American jewelry. Nowadays, bright blue lapis lazuli is melded with sterling silver which brings a magnificent sheen to Native American jewelry pieces. The gem, Lapis Lazuli, is fragile and easily scratched; and must only be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

4. Onyx 

Onyx is black, and is often polished to shine. In its mined form, it may possess bands of black, brown, white or red. Processing causes the precious gem to turn a color black as night. It scratches easily and chips off during treatment, and isn’t specifically used for carving. But it can, and is, applied to the production of quality Native American jewelry.

5. Malachite 

The color of Malachite ranges from light to rich dark green, often spotting bands of different shades of green. Extracted, processed and polished, Malachite is grafted into Native American jewelry, malleable enough to be carved into ornaments. Blue Malachite, called Azurite, is also used in the production of Native American jewelry. Azurite is sometimes combined with Malachite to form azure-malachite.

Buying Quality Native American Jewelry

More often than not, Native American jewelry tends to spot the presence of red coral. Similarly, blue turquoise is often used to produce Native American jewelry a lot. The pairing of deep red coral and sky blue turquoise makes for a magnificent multicolored jewelry piece. A few examples of high quality Native American jewelry are:

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