Taxco Silver

Taxco Silver (compare to champagne), early American Silver came from Mexican, similar to native american b/c same silver until german settlers came in and brought their trade routes.

The city of Taxco, Guerrero in Mexico is known for producing the “champagne” of mexican silvers. Usually referred to as simply “taxco,” (pronounced like, “tasco”) taxco silver is known for its unique qualities, and for the craftsman ship of taxco jewelers. Whereas silver craft is still a lucrativ segment in the Taxco marketplace, mining is no longer a primary industry in Taxco. Thus, silver wares produced in Taxco with true Taxco silver are particularly valuable. Due to the natural course of things, it is more likely that older pieces will be authentic taxco.

Spanish conquistador, Hernán Cortés, established the modern city of Taxco in the 1520s specifically because of it’s rich resources of silver. Before the end of the century, Taxco silver was famous across Europe and had become Spain’s main American source of precious metals. When José de la Borda struck silver, he created the industry of raw silver mining in Taxco; eventually becoming the richest man in Mexico. His influences on the economy and culture of Taxco are still well recognized today, all over the town.

An American fascinated with Aztec & pre-Colombian art, moved to Mexico in he 20s to use these inspirations for his silver jewelery designs. Today, William Spratling is still called “The Father of Mexican Silver” (El Padre de la Plata de México). Since Spratling’s contribution Taxco has become a world recognized source for world-class silver jewelry.

We are fortunate to have some gorgeous examples of Taxco design, right in house: 


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